February 22, 2024


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Business Content Writing
This is a marketplace for brands and business owners.
If you have a business, brand or an idea you need a publicity for…
GN&Business is a platform that enables the growth of brands and promotes businesses in a descriptive written form.
Through blog posts, brands and businesses gets a well defined article that exposes
their ideas and advertises their trade in a way that compels different audiences to make an interest.
Our goal is to promote creativity and encourage your trade & enterprises.
A single blog post cost ₦4,497.
A subgroup with the name will also be added to the GN&B Community, in which brand owners, business men and women will be allowed to conduct sales, pitch their businesses, post their goods and gain access to customers and business coaching.
For members of the Community’s GN&Business, the price will be slashed into half. Leaving it at a fee of ₦2,248 for members of the GN&B Community.
“Those willing to pay for their business’ growth are willing to grow”.
~Goodness Felix-Adebayo(GFA)
Contact (Twitter): @goodtoxin