July 17, 2024


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GOODLY NOTES AND BLOG Community is a social group of Creatives (artists, models, writers, designers, photographers musicians, YouTubers, etc.). We share ideas and actively repost the Blog’s links religiously for the purpose of publicity and putting our contents out in the world.

You do not have to be a Creative to join the community; you can join us as a volunteer to support and cheer the creativity on by posting and sharing provided links and information from the Blog to your feeds, statuses and stories/you also get to see exclusive creativity from here first.

Our Expressions (Sub-groups) are:


This involves putting out written contents about the Nigerian lifestyle, food, wears and even habits. It is a conscious effort to throw some good thrills into the Nigerian air. It commenced in the year 2021 and rounded up the first series after publishing 13 different articles that urged and inspired the audience to love the Nigerian features more.
This group is open to photographers, graphic designers, promoters and editors that are willing to collaborate and combine their skills to produce the best that NAIJA GOOD needs.

This is a Group of writers that wants to grow and are willing to help others grow.

Tips, reviews and constructive criticisms may be made and given by any member in the Group.
Works done by any writer in the group are encouraged to be shared, talked about and reposted by members. We are Friends.

A topic will be posted by the admin every week and every member is expected to create a written content about the topic. Each of them will be compiled, edited and converted to a blog post.

Anyone that is a creative, has contents and is consistent stands the chance to be our “Celebrity Focus of the Week”.

Any Creative can be a part of this group.

In this group, you will freely share your work or any content that is attributed to them as Creatives, e.g; songs, skits, sketches, features, YouTube videos etc.

While sharing and reposting is encouraged, the Admin will be the on to look out for and select who would be the Celebrity Focus for each week. The Blog post will consist of the biography, description, name of brand, achievements, images, history (there must be history; a past record of your creativity) and samples of the creative works of the selected individual.

Other posts like Man Crush Monday, Woman Crush Wednesday, Celebrity Actor of the Week etc. will also be made for individuals that rightly fit into these categories.

Let’s begin!🎨❤️

PS: While the community is opened for everyone to join, the subgroups are strictly only for individuals that fall under the above descriptions.

Everyone in the subgroups must be a member of the community. Simply tap on any of the sub-groups you wish to join and you will see how to send a request.

While more categories for the blog are being developed to be converted to a sub-group here, we are all to find any one that suits our creativity and join now.

See you there!🙂❤️

*Join us! A community that cheers creativity*.