May 22, 2024

3 thoughts on “NAIJA GOOD: 50 NIGERIAN SLANGS (End Of Series One).

  1. Number 35
    Naira Marley
    When he sang is song ma fo.
    Means no break down or no fear even if the oppression or if dem pass you no fear there papa

    Ma fo money dey come

  2. Left to me, I’d have picked “Opoooorrr”, but man’s got to say ” we meuvee”, here you are doing what you know hot to do fry us, so I’m like “fry me, I’m your dodo”, making everyone go “who dey breet?”

    You’re always leaving us with the “God when” feeling, and each time I ask you “cut soap for me”, you are always like “E shock you?”

    Now I know, “Laslas, we go dey alright!”

    If you don’t get it, forget abourrti!!!

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