July 17, 2024


  1. Your songs are really and so perfect your pattern of music especially in gospel music is exceptional keep it up my friend and brother you’re getting there may God help and make the sky your limit you’re one person i can never forget much love from your friend and brother chibukeyz

  2. This man is graced by God, his been faithful in is doing and his songs have given me a deep room of thought ,odara makes me remember all God’s doing for my life and found me song makes me remember how he saved me through is love and now amazing grace makes me say all God goodness, never comes with sadness

      1. The sky will be your limit by the special grace of God keep on shining to the glory of the living God

  3. Nice songs I listen to all his songs before going to bed good work keep it up the sky is your starting point dear we love you…

  4. Put God first and trust in God. Your Goal and aspirations will come to pass. Don’t look back no matter the challenges. You will be a World wide known Star.

  5. My wonderful and talented Brother Joe.very humble and dedicated to the things of God.I pray that u continue to florish and Excel in this path u have chosen. God bless ur ministry bro. Am a testimony of all your songs!!! Keep up d good work sir.

  6. Your songs are uniquely unique born straight from the heart… Your vocal texture is out of this world…. Much love jossy

  7. Can’t get nothing less from a music devotee like Jossy.

    Worked with him personally and I love His enthusiasm.

    Keep shinning Chief and rule your world.

  8. Show me a man who is dilligent at his work, such will dine with royalties and magnates. This young man, sounds his passion through his voice and I tell that he will scale great heights by the grace of God.

  9. Talk about consistency and commitment towards the things of God, musically talented and handsome too, this describes the man called JossyOloye. You’re someone I value very much and I want to see you at the very top my friend. Keep making us proud. Cheers

  10. Thanks for availing yourself for this impactful Musico-Gospel Ministry.
    You will do more exploit in Jesus name.
    I pray for more grace and anointing, in Jesus name, Amen.

  11. Our latest celebrity πŸƒπŸƒ πŸƒ. you see this guy he’s focused, talented, handsome, intelligent.. When it comes to music his head is there and let me burst ur head his also an instrumentalist.may God favour you and pave way for u. Keep it up dear am proud of u..

  12. Keep up the good work brother. May the good Lord continue to shower his grace upon you in Jesus name. AmenπŸ™

  13. He is a great guy, I have had a personal one on one conversation with him. Oloye’s parent’s are wonderful people, his dad is my Person. I see him on top in the music industry soon.

  14. He’s a minister with passion who really loves Christ,he’s a mysterious wonder in worship to the most high God,the sky is your starting point,u re really a blessing to us.

  15. A friend, a brother, an advicer, a mentor, a servant of the most high, a prophetic man, full of great grace, someone that always watch my back, a man who sees me doing the wrong thing, calls me back a makes sure that I change from that deed. My bestie of life, my classmate and now my course-mate in the service, may God almighty continue to bless, guide and protect you, he shall continue to lift u up amongst all grate men.
    Pls keep the ship sailing brother.

  16. Nice one dear, may God continue to uphold and keep you, and may the oil of gladness continually to be on you. Keep up the good work and God will continue to bless you and give you more inspirations.

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