TWICE AS TALL: There are so many things that can jeopardize one’s mood, self esteem, life and society in general.

 The lies, the accusations, the injustices, racism…
Monsters You Made by BURNA BOY ft CHRIS MARTINMONSTERS YOU MADE by BURNA BOY is about the injustices happening to blacks around the world. Stating that the violence, the discrimination, the aggressiveness that they claim is all what BLACKS represent is simply the energy that they gave to us, the monsters they made and the hate they give…
  “..not knowing how to behave that is the sign that you made,
   …when they’ve been working like slaves..
   …you turn around and you blame them for their anger and rage..
   …shackles and chain. .
   We are the monsters you made.”
“…ain’t No denying the truth, see what I’m trying to do,
 …come walk around in my shoes; see if you smiling and cool,
 …this is the price that you paid: we are the monsters you made.”
This tune is really emotional, a message from concerned souls.
The collaboration is really powerful and a call for justice, for common ground and unity.
Stop discriminating, Stop injustices. #BLACKLIVESMATTER
CHRIS MARTIN and BURNA BOY’s voices plus lyrics in this collaboration is unity and speaks for many victims of racism.